Concept: Anna Lascari (, Ilias Marmaras (, Brett Neilson, Ned Rossiter.
Game design and development: Anna Lascari, Ilias Marmaras.
Game development and programming: Yannis Scoulidas (,
3D Generalist / Artist: Theodoris Giannakis.
Sound design: Anna Lascari, Ilias Marmaras, Yannis Scoulidas.
Text: Nelli Kampouri, Anna Lascari, Ilias Marmaras, Brett Neilson, Dimitris Parsanoglou, Ned Rossiter.
Voices: Dimitris Cosmides, Theodore Kapsalis, Anna Lascari, Ilias Marmaras, Stelios Minotakis, Alex Salapatas, Yannis Skoulidas, Thomas Tsoutsos.

Supported by the Australian Research Council and the Institute for Culture and Society, University of Western Sydney 2015 (creative commons license 4.0).

Cargonauts is part of Logistical Worlds project.